GTK+, Glade, LibGlade etc. for Windows

Project by Ishan Chattopadhyaya
(Project created on 27-4-2002)

A Screenshot of a GTK+ program
Screenshot: wATSH, an accoustics program created with winGTK and wGLADE.

G L A D EWhat is Glade & wGLADE?
Glade is a RAD tool for generating a GTK front-end quickly and easily . Once the front-end is to your liking, with buttons, text boxes, input boxes etc., Glade automatically generates source code in C with callback functions into which you insert your own code. (For more on Glade, visit: wGLADE is the customized & easy-to-install version of Glade for the windows platform. Above, you will see a screenshot of a simple application that was created using wGLADE. Most of the articles covering Glade available on the Net have been bundled with wGLADE in its latest version.

G T KWhat are winGTK & Gtk4Win?
The GTK+ code uses libraries such as GTK+, GLib & GDK which are available for many platforms including Windows and Unix.   (For more on GTK, visit: winGTK installs these GTK+ 1.3 libraries (which are available from Tor Lillqvist's page at to your win32 system with an easy to install setup program. winGTK further includes:

  • Make tool & a makefile for your projects
  • Some sample projects for you to compile
  • All required libraries for GTK, GLib and GDK
  • All necessary compilers and other tools
  • All required header files.

Gtk4Win also works like winGTK, but it is a larger package, and offers more than the minimal set of libraries. In addition, it uses JAM instead of winGTK's make. You can install either of these packages for enabling GTK+ on windows, and both packages are stand-alone, containing all necessary GCC compilers and libraries.

Please Note: The source of these libraries can be had from

What is GTK+ Widget Factory?
GTK+ Widget Factory (GWF) is a tool for creating new GTK+ widgets. GWF basically generates the source & header files for your widgets which can be edited so as to create your widgets. For more on GWF, visit:
What is GtkExtra?
GtkExtra is a collection of some additional widgets that can be used with GTK+. These widgets include several widgets related to graphs, histograms, sheets etc. Also included are some widgets related to file selection, icon selection etc. For more, visit:

What is Libglade?
Libglade is a library which can be used to load Glade interfaces at runtime. Robert Laing puts it: "By leaving Glade's output as data to be loaded at runtime by libglade, the end user can manipulate the application's file to tweak things such as menu names and hot-keys to personal taste. And developers get to experiment WYSIWYG with their application's look without needing to constantly edit and recompile."

What are Dev-C++ and DevEx?
DevEx is a GTK+ extension to Dev-C++. First download and install Dev-C++ (most of the current versions are supported) and then install DevEx into the same directory as Dev-C++.  You will find a GTK+ template as part of DevEx, which would help you get started using the GTK libraries which DevEx installs. If you choose this package, you will need neither winGTK or GTK4Win.

Which package do I choose from the above?
The choice between Dev-C++, winGTK and GTK4Win will depend on the work you want to do, and how you like to operate. winGTK would be ideal if you want the minimum required to make Glade projects with full GTK+ support. Also, if you want to use wGLADE with the minimum of fuss regarding compilation of projects, you might go in for winGTK. If you need full library support for your gcc compiler (including gcc's source code), then you might require the larger GTK4Win package. Windows programmers who like to work in a GUI environment might like to use Dev-C++ with DevEx.


Package put together by
1. winGTK* (GTK+ 1.2.x or 1.3 libs)
v 0.2
3.6 MB
Ishan Chattopadhyaya
2. wGLADE* (Glade for winGTK 0.2)
v 0.2 | src
2.1M | 0.5M
Ishan Chattopadhyaya
3. Glade for GTK+2* (Glade for GTK+2)
v 1.1.2 | src
2.7M | 2.3M
Ishan Chattopadhyaya
4. DevEx (GTK Extension for Dev-C++)
v 0.1.1
2.0 MB
Ishan Chattopadhyaya & Barry Drake
5. Libglade (Glade interface parsing lib) v 0.17 | v 0.14 633K | 32K 0.17: Dragon Master 0.14: Hans Breur
6. Gtk4Win (GTK+ 1.2.x or 1.3 libs)
12 MB
Barry Drake
7. Gtk+Extra Additional widgets for GTK+ v 0.99.17 | src 0.4 MB Ishan Chattopadhyaya
8. GTK+ Widget Factory (GWF)
v 0.7.7 | src
1.7 MB
Ishan Chattopadhyaya
9. Documents on Glade**
Download 321 KB Compiled by Ishan Chattopadhyaya
10. Extra docs for GTK+ and C++ programmers Download 1.2 MB Barry Drake
11. Dev-C++ (Integrated Devel. Environment)
Visit Page
13 MB
Colin Laplace
WinGlade (Beware: has probs. with code generation)
2.1 MB
Dragon Master
13. GtkAda (GTK in Ada language)
v 1.3.12
5.2 MB
Jeff Creem & GtkAda Team

*Be sure to check out the getting started page before running these packages.
**These documents have been taken from the Net and include articles by Rikke Giles, Eddy Ahmed, Robert Laing, Ishan Chattopadhyaya etc. These are in .hlp format

Note: DevEx, winGTK & wGLADE are currently released as beta versions. For any problems or questions related to winGTK, wGLADE, Gtk4Win, DevEx or WinGlade, ask your questions at the winGTK mailing list. In case of any bugs, report to:

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