Vb2Glade - VB se GLADE tak
Brief Description: Visual Basic forms convertor to Glade/GTK+
By: Ishan Chattopadhyaya
Current Version: Yet to be released
Project Started: (September 15, 2003)


This program is designed to make life easier for users who want to migrate from VB to Glade. Simple command line program that takes the VB form file (.frm) as input and outputs a directory with the created glade project.

This is currently a win32 (console) based program. I hope I would be able to port it to unix soon.


1) Detection, parsing and output of the following VB Controls:

a) Label
b) Command Button
c) Text Box (-> GtkEntry)
d) Check Box
e) Option Button (Radio button)
f) Combo Box (along with the all the entries in the list)
g) Picture Box (along with conversion of the picture to XPM format. See 2 below.)
h) Frame (and embedding other controls within it)
i) Vertical Scroll Bar
j) Horizontal Scroll Bar

2) Conversion of embedded images in forms that are used with pictureboxes to xpm. For this I have used 'djpeg' from libjpeg, 'ppmtoxpm' and 'bmptopnm' from netpbm package. The image file formats supported are:

a) Windows Bitmap (.BMP)
b) Joint Picture Expert Group (JPEG) (.jpg, .jpeg, .jfif)

Screenshot and Example

Here is an example of the conversion done by vb2glade: example.zip

Screenshot: A form converted from VB to Glade (this form is present in the example.zip file)


Not released yet. I hope to do it before October 2003.

Anyway, here is a binary that is still in its testing stage: vb2glade-pre-release-1-bin-win32.zip. I know that this is buggy, but things should be a lot better when released.